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Hello All!

I wanted to let you guys know that I am making this LJ personal posts only. Therefore this LJ is now friend locked. I am currently working on another one just for my stories since third party sites are not infallible and do crash every once in a while. If you want to read my stories from all the fandoms I've written in head on over to fanfiction.net. If you would like to read my HP fics head on over to hpfandom.net. Some may not be up yet as I am trying to revamp them as I repost, but they will be up sooner or later.

Should you want to know more about me then send me a friend request otherwise please visit the aforementioned sites.

Love to all!

Not dead yet.

Haha I think I start most of my entries like that and isn"t that just sad?

Anyhow, yeah parts of Southern California are all shook up right now. Earthquake's galore over the last 24 hours. Let me just say that if you move to a state make sure you know what kind of natural disasters affect it before you make the move. Earthquakes are not a state secret. Just saying.

Mom freaked me out more than the earthquake did last night. I was dozing off then I hear my name screamed and I'm up and running out of the room. Mom pulls me to a doorway and I'm like "what is it? Who is being murdered?" Then I feel like I'm on the shake shack from Grease and I hear the house rumble. It went on for about 20 seconds, but it wasn't anything major (native Californian can you tell?). Cal tech was it's usual no nonsense self trying to placate the panicking(read: smart people that loose all intelligent thought when shook up) masses. The tremors continue as they always do. Today we had another quake that I did not feel. It must have been because I just happened to be driving over speed bumps at the time. Either way I'm not bomb rushing the stores for water and canned food just yet.

So on other news I am trying out this challenge and seeing if I can accomplish it. I'm thinking books/fanfic to read.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Let's see how it goes, or if it goes at all right? Right.


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